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There Is No Spoon: #3

After talking about as-of-yet intangible ideas like parallel universes and self-replicating artificial intelligences for the past two weeks (and, oddly enough, watching the presidential debate), I thought I’d bring ‘the Spoon’ back to our somewhat more palpable, observable world (whilemore…


Geek News Roundup #39

Six mysteries that could be solved with time travel Quantum Computing Simplified How Awe Stops Your Clock  Einstein’s Brain Goes Digital With iPad App Eternal Clock Could Keep Time After Universe Dies  Window to Genius: New Einstein Papers Reveal Strugglesmore…

Mars Curiosity 1News

Geek News Roundup #37

Batcave-inspired home theater would fit right in at Wayne Manor  Behold the mutant creature who lives under your house, Wormface! Read what you want. GAME OF THRONES 8-Bit RPG Recap of Season 2 Original NES Zelda Prototype For Sale Marsmore…


Geek News Roundup

A David Foster Wallace Roundup: DFW at 50 By far the biggest threat yet: The U.N. wants a treaty to grant it unprecedented powers over the Internet Dark chocolate pop rocks. Discuss Astronomers discover a planet made of water, amore…


Geek News Roundup

And now, JFK riding a robotic unicorn on the Moon iPad 3 display reportedly four times the resolution of previous models Is Amazon the death of literary culture? Meet the Next Chipotle: Bombay Bowl Either You Give Grimlock Your Heartmore…

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