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Two Poems by Nat Sufrin

buzzspill circulation too poor to touch such self & why ever sign up for the pleasure principle, again something we should talk about soon —difficult to delay the essential IMHO discover your next everything really you can if you clickmore…

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A Poem By James Cihlar

Bang, Bang! Yip, Yip! I came late to the party of Judy, shy of all the corollaries, not just the closet, queen, and hag, but the dolls and sketch, the kitsch und drang. The Bijou at the Student Union, Eastermore…


A Poem by Niina Pollari

Horse Feet I got horse feet The legs of a human but horse feet My legs taper down like pencils New from the factory Into themselves into the foot of a horse That sounds like a story doesn’t it Paranormalmore…


Two Poems by Ken Taylor

now voyager about our fowls & sessile & stuck inside chthonic cant: limping iambics: plastic spirits & elastic feet. we strike at light with sticks. heels struck up. wits spent. but made you by the stars in our bones &more…

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Two Poems by Jeanine Deibel

Maybe if I fucked both of you I’d remember
in a recession of skin as if each cell
was trying to say something I don’t know
if it’s summer or if that’s blood running


A Poem by Keegan Lester

the topography of the words used by a man who majored in beer and co-eds before dropping out of the University of Iowa, who forgot when those old time words came back from the war, they weren’t all allowed intomore…

Gray HairPoetry

Two Poems by Gregory Lawless

Little Matter For Jack Christian We thought it was a new kind of thinking. The new kid did it, eyes closed, feet in the air. He pushed the wind around like a bully. His movements were otherwise alphabetical. We linedmore…

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All Night Long by Frederick Pollack

All Night Long The owl or outdoor cat or neighborhood dog-with-a-secret who killed you, owes you, so that if you line up nicely between clueless lizards, big old beetles, and cats that hunger or cars got (they’re still pushy, butmore…

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The Long Returning by Donavon Davidson

The Long Returning For Annsi They swallowed the river- the doll with black eyes the man with immovable arms, now, they are the river. I was afraid or I thought it was necessary because I heard their voices – fruitmore…

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To Cure by Sarah Janczak

To Cure When you dissect a human start with the eyes. The way light makes lace out of walls Lightly with the cadaver. I knew you sanitized, sterile, stark naked under that plastic sheet. I slid my tongue down yourmore…

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The California Prelude by Sean Neville

The California Prelude I a. Oh, most belovèd friend! a glorious time of snacking. A happy, happy, happy time feeding on your woolly looks while your striplings fled like starlings in leather shorts, in tulip wraps, in kilts, in ladybags,more…

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Two Poems by M.G. Martin

a lone piece of electrical wire i am using time to move through my life. many hours per inch. two days per step. & what dawn is this? shaping whether i am here or missing. shaping though i try tomore…

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