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Picture 13Poetry

Two Poems by David Blair

Revere Beach in Spring Forget that purple seaweedy end of it, with the gross stuff and the carnivorous sandflies in the rattle of dried grasses, obligatory pieces of dried shit, the bad stories the phytoplankton tell the sea worms, themore…

Nate PrittsPoetry

Three Poems by Nate Pritts

UNTITLED (10/25/2011) I see you open the door. Many seconds before you walk through it the rush of autumn breeze carries your scent to me: raspberries, the quiet of your hair. I use my receipt for a bookmark so Imore…

Picture 12Poetry

A Poem by Jennifer Mackenzie

Small White Bed Carving nudes in Styrofoam Art crouches shoving moss into its mouth inquiring Why should we persist as a whisper, nuptial itch of a contra-etching of its Do not contemplate us           Mr. )more…

Picture 4Poetry

Two Poems by AM Fisher

German Shepherd Let me be a monk. Send me to the monastery near me; They make cheesecake and they make jam with their friends, the nuns. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Worsted Yarn So hung— over and out of it you put a Björkmore…

Picture 3Poetry

Three Poems by Steven D. Schroeder

Each One Goes Alone Late-night regret comes on as a brunette Is a bullshit line yet felt right at the time. When you pick a new city for foliage and brick In promotional photos, the baggage follows. Of course, themore…


Two Poems by Caitlin Dwyer

Assisted Self-Immolation Your voice over the phone Recorded, no fresh meat to it Smells stale, like cigarette ash On paper dolls I used to pin Pinks and silks, big hats Paper hooks that slipped off the shoulders All dressing andmore…

Picture 7Poetry

Two Poems by John Hogan

SELF-PORTRAIT AS HORSE THIEF Loafed too long. Became what I despised. Was meant to be the hobble, to canter to her stride. Like West Texas teardrops, the patterns of her coat dust my mind— I rope what I’m given tomore…

Picture 15Poetry

Four Poems by Marcus Slease

Deliberate Bardo My creature is filled with creatures. Too hasty. Too greedy to sit still. A girl with tiny stars down her spine. I lost a stone and went from this to this. We are walking uphill with a flashlight.more…

Picture 6Poetry

Three Poems by D.W. Lichtenberg

TESS’ ROOM I had a dream I was in Tess’ room. She had even more sticky notes on her walls than I do. I am reading one of them. It says, That was one of those moments where you admittedmore…

Picture 14Poetry

A Poem by Anne Marie Rooney & Ben Pelhan

What the Sky Was Doing Not much to speak of. There was light Blue and lighter blue. A bird. Three telephone poles doing something truly horrible. The bird sneezed and a fourth was born. So this is how things getmore…

Karolina WaclawiakInDefinite Podcast

InDefinite Podcast ep. #48: Karolina Waclawiak reads from “How to Get Into the Twin Palms”

Listen: Karolina Waclawiak reads from How to Get Into the Twin Palms Karolina Waclawiak is a graduate of the MFA Fiction program at Columbia University and received her BFA in Screenwriting from USC in 2002. She is currently the deputymore…

Picture 168Poetry

Three Poems by Rebecca Porte

You claim some golden age is upon us When you need me most, I am quicksilver, mad as a hatter, falling with the Perseids. We enter the hungry atmosphere of the planet, so many white scars of evening, pass throughmore…

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